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Only by Helping Each Other We Can Make The World Better

Delta Circles’ mission is to support families to end poverty and challenge the way that Black women think about themselves, their finances, and their businesses. It utilizes the creation of an opportunity and technology hub to expose Delta communities to exponential technology leading the way to new dreams and opportunities.


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Our Mission

Our Mission

To support families to end poverty and challenge the way that Black women think about themselves, their finances, and their businesses.
Our History

Our History

With a personal commitment to teach financial literacy, Patricia Ashanti, started Delta Circles with a group of four women, meeting on Sunday afternoons to examine the effects of poverty in their lives. They were committed to improving not only their lives, but the lives of their families and community. They soon realized that ending poverty would not start by simply counting the change in their purses, but by changing mindsets. That community effort later turned into a non-profit organization located in Helena, Arkansas.
Our Vision

Our Vision

To create revitalized communities where self-sufficiency is a generational norm, and where residents can pay for the things, they need and desire. To also encourage revolutionary innovation and inspire communities to re-imagine possibilities to thrive.

Keep Track of Our Annual Charity Program

We want to make sure we let the you know how we are making a difference for our women, children, and community.


Activists Making A Change They Want To See

Our team has expanded to include additional local entrepreneurs and community leaders who are committed to creating a new narrative for the Arkansas Delta. We recognize the value of relationships and know that our success is owed to our team and partners.

How You Can Help

Volunteer Your Time and Expertise

  • Offer your time and skills to help with workshops, seminars, or events. You could assist in teaching, organizing materials, or providing one-on-one support.
  • If you have expertise in financial management, budgeting, investing, or related areas, consider offering to lead specific sessions or provide mentorship.
  • Sow a financial seed here:

Donate Financial Resources

  • Monetary donations are always accepted. These funds can be used to cover operational costs, develop educational materials, and expand outreach efforts.
  • Encourage others in your network to donate as well. Helping us set up fundraisers or crowdfunding campaigns can be a powerful way to mobilize our community to support us.

Spread the Word and Raise Awareness

  • Follow us, tag us, and comment on our social media platforms. Use your own social media, personal blog, or community groups to share information about us and its mission. Highlight our success stories or impactful outcomes to inspire others to get involved.
  • Advocate for the organization by speaking about its importance in conversations related to financial literacy and empowerment.


Provide In-Kind Support

  • Do you have resources or services we may need? We would love to hear about them. This could include office supplies, printing services, or meeting spaces.
  • Encourage other local businesses or individuals to contribute goods or services that align with our signature programs.