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Meet Maggie Lena Walker!

Celebrate this pivotal moment in Black history with Delta Circle as we shine a light on the remarkable Maggie Lena Walker. A trailblazing African American leader, she fearlessly challenged unjust laws, pioneering her way as the nation’s first Black woman to establish a bank. Not only did she shatter barriers by founding the Saint Luke Penny Savings Bank in Richmond, but she also made history as its inaugural Black female president

Celebrating the continued impact of Advancing Equity Award Recipients

In this inspiring video, we shine a spotlight on the transformative initiatives and unwavering commitment of these trailblazing organizations. From fostering diverse talent pipelines to implementing inclusive policies and programs, these companies are driving meaningful change at every level.

Through heartfelt interviews and compelling storytelling, we hear from employees whose lives have been positively impacted by these initiatives. Their stories serve as a testament to the power of equity and inclusion in creating stronger, more resilient communities and workplaces.