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First Generation Investors

Delta Circles programming is proven to help families confront the attitudes, behaviors, and belief systems that keep them in poverty and hinder their ability to obtain economic security.

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    Financial Literacy for Kids

    Committed to breaking generational curse of living paycheck to paycheck, Delta Circles’ women participants wanted to equip their sons to become better financial leaders for their future families.  First Generation Investors is comprised primarily of high school and college students who are encouraged to freely reflect on the premises for their personal finances’ decisions, while learning the fundamentals of money management such as saving, budgeting, credit usage, and debt management.

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    Financial Education

    We help organize financial literacy workshops specifically tailored to first-generation boys. These workshops can cover fundamental financial concepts such as budgeting, saving, investing, credit management, and financial goal-setting.

    Credit and Debt Counseling

    Teaching boys how to manage credit responsibly and avoid debt traps is crucial. Nonprofits can provide credit counseling services and guidance on responsible borrowing.

    Community Partnerships

    Collaborating with local banks, credit unions, and financial institutions can help nonprofits provide access to banking services, financial products, and workshops.

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