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Delta Wins Circle

Delta Circles programming is proven to help families confront the attitudes, behaviors, and belief systems that keep them in poverty and hinder their ability to obtain economic security.

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    Empowering Women Everyday

    Delta Circles empowers women through a women’s savings group which was initiation approximately three years ago. We create a forum for women to strengthen their financial literacy and increase incomes by participating in our Women Increasing Net-worth (WIN) Savings Group. Participants collectively saved approximately $10,000 and increased their credit scores by an average of 89 points during the first year. Women who participate in Delta Circles programming have seen measurable success in saving money and achieving personal goals.  Additional support is provided for women who are engaged in entrepreneurship to increase income for savings.

    Women Empowerment

    We contribute significantly to women's empowerment, helping women and girls gain the confidence, skills, resources, and opportunities they need to lead fulfilling and self-determined lives.

    Networking and Mentorship

    create networks and mentorship opportunities that connect women with established leaders in various fields. These connections can help women access valuable advice, guidance, and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

    Education and Skill Development

    We provide educational opportunities and skill development programs specifically tailored to women and girls. This could include scholarships, vocational training, workshops, and mentoring programs to help them acquire knowledge and skills necessary for economic independence.

    We Support Women Who Need It

    Delta Circles believes that investing in Black women is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and acquiring economic prosperity for Delta communities.

    We Create Opportunities

    We Use Donations to Help Our Community